The Value of Hobbies

Dr. Mark Reichman is a busy doctor.

But no matter how busy you are, it’s important to take care of yourself. Hobbies restore our physical energy and renew our mental outlook. In a world where we are constantly inundated by the need to be productive, efficient, and active, we rarely hear about the value of leisure and recreation. Having activities that you love dearly not only add quality to our life but also contribute to our effectiveness and well-being. A recent study suggests that people who engage in hobbies, especially creative hobbies, perform better at work. Even a casual hobby aids in self-discovery. Find a new side of yourself, maybe you’ll even unleash talents you never even knew you had!

Hobbies let you recharge. Disconnect from the daily stress of the rat-race to recharge your batteries with recreational joy!  Remember to channel your energy into ways to recharging your battery, to. Disengage as much as you engage with the pressures of life.  Additionally, hobbies get you outside of your comfort zone. It’s a way to meet people with similar interests as you. Try painting. Maybe a book club. Or like Dr. Mark Reichman, go to flight school for the first time! Getting involved in these part time hobbies help us re-ignite the energy that gets burnt out in our jobs. Thus, a sense of recharging.

Passion for life equates to success in work. But you can Escape from the big, bad world! Connect with your favorite hobby to feel refreshed and energized.

Hobbies give us an insight into character attributes and personality; consider your strengths and weaknesses, fears and faith.

Through flying, I’ve learned about courage. I’ve learned about fear. I’ve learned about trust and instinct. These translate to my professional life as well.

Just because we’re adults, the need to make time for leisure activity and pursuing passions is still so important. How often do you work all day, come home,  sit like a couch potato in front of the TV? Nurturing those deeply rooted interests in your spare will lead to endless rewards.