Awesome Islands to Discover

The New York Times recently released a great variety of articles in their Travel section about the attractiveness of island travel.

Porter Fox, Maine native, writes “The isolation and serenity that come with cutting a border around the land you occupy are unmatched.”

eleuthera islands Bahamas

Fox explores the human connection to land in his article. He reflects on the New York School poets who migrated to the Bahama island Eleuthera to connect with the sea and sun.

As a pilot, Mark Reichman can escape to some of these beautiful places when he travels.

In the Thousand Islands region, you can connect with the natural breath-taking beauty that both Canada and the U.S. claim on either side.

Through boat tours, these some 1,864 islands situated in the St. Lawrence River as it narrows in toward Lake Ontario are home to private estates and popular recreational areas.

The islands were fashionable retreat for the elite in the late 1800s. Today it is extremely popular during the summer season for those who relish outdoor sport. Check out the mysterious Singer Castle on Dark Island, but don’t get trapped in its spooky underground passages!

BoldtCastle thousand islands

In the southern hemisphere, one can penetrate the magnificent Chilean wilderness through the refreshing island starting point at HotelExplora. It’s accessible by private jet and offers exhilarating views of mountains and waterfalls.  It is the perfect base to meet companions before or after experiencing Patagonia.

hotel explora patagonia


Where are you headed next? What island is at the top of your list? Do you prefer flying to your locations or getting there by other means; driving, biking, boat, etc?

Travel is an amazing privilege. The places we go change us and inspire us. Islands are special because they are distinct from the metropolis we usually are from. They force you to reconsider how geography influences people and the landscape itself.

Get traveling today!

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